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The Dean's Space Committee has completed Guidelines for assisting Departments with utilization of their assigned spaces SoM SPACE GUIDELINES 2014

The Office of Facilities Planning & Management (OFPM) in the Stanford University School of Medicine (SoM) oversees more than 1.2 million square feet of School space on campus, in addition to over 400,000 square feet of leased space in 5 cities. OFPM manages and maintains the School of Medicine 's space data through iSPACE, and the Facilities Assets Management Information System (FAMIS). There are more then 40 department-based Space Coordinators who work with our office to update therir room records as changes occur. Over 1.4 million gross square feet of space have been mapped, reviewed and are available at .. http://fims.stanford.edu/ (SUNET ID required) . We now require new AutoCAD files for any renovation that we manage in SoM locations and Maps & Records updates the floor plan files.

Dean's Space Committe and the SoM Master Plan - In the next 20-25 years, the School of Medicine intends to construct new research facilities. Dean Minor has appointed a Space Committee to explore a variety of facilities planning models for housing research activities. As the Committee, comprised of faculty, representatives from the University and two Hospitals, OIP, and OFPM; moves forward, they'll develop insight and guidelines for how the School will plan and build facilities for the future.

The School has approximately 25% of all Capital Assets in the University. These assets are located in more than 6,000 rooms. OFPM works closely with the School of Medicine ’s Department Property Administrators to insure accurate and timely tracking of these assets. We are also engaged in ongoing discussions with the Property Management Organization on campus, to insure continuing improvement in the data entry, tracking, inventory and disposal of the School’s assets.

There are many resources available to assist Department Property Administrators with the Reuse, Surplus Sales and Disposal of both Capital Assets and non-capital equipment. The Reuse website is avaliable for department-to-department sales and/or transfers, while Surplus Sales manages selling to staff, as well individuals and organizations in the community.

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