Facilities Planning and Management

On-line Forms for Space Requests, Project Requests, Maintenance Work Orders, and Locksmith Work Orders

Space Request Form (SUNet ID required)

If your department is considering requesting research space, please note that requests are evaluated based upon the following criteria:

1. Does the department have a written & implemented space assignment plan?

2. Is the Department's Indirect Cost Recovery/NASF calculation above the 75% SoM average for the previous 3 years?

3. Will the Operating Budget/Research Space IDCR be negatively impacted?

Requests that serve the needs of more than one department will be given increased priority

Work Order Form to request the following services:

  1. Quick-Response (QR):  Use to  request same day service requirements that are facility funded.  Use for problems such as slow/clogged toilet, heating/cooling problems in labs, minor leaks, etc.
  2. Facility Funded: Use to request regular maintenance and repair work, such as windows that are difficult to open, leaky faucets, burned out light bulbs, loss of air conditioning, etc.
  3. Customer Funded:  Use to request departmental required work such as moving file cabinets, hanging pictures, rekeying locks, earthquake bracing, etc.
  4. Projects: Use for the initiation of a new facilities project that involves remodeling, renovations, and construction for spaces that you already occupy. If you are requesting new space, you must complete the Space Request Form.  Before submitting a project request, you should discuss the project and funding with your Director of Finance and Administration.

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