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Administrative and Environmental Rounds (AER) is an inspection program intended to provide a communication path between the Office of Facilities Planning & Management, Environmental Services Departments, and the Building Department Managers. Rounds are limited to the School of Medicine owned and leased areas only. Stanford Hospital & Clinincs and LPCH buildings are not included in the program.

The AER program is a system by which deficiencies such as housekeeping, maintenance, security, and health and safety are identified and corrected. Hazard Assessment Rounds are conducted by Environmental Health and Safety to identify hazards and safety concerns and institutes a plan of correction. Administrative and Environmental Rounds and Hazard Assessment Rounds fulfill requirements of Cal/OSHA's Injury and Illness Prevention Program (GISO 3203).

The Administrative and Environmental Rounds are normally held on the third Thursday of month, starting at 09:00 a.m. at the assigned areas listed on the attached AER report sheet. If rounds fall on a holiday, they will instead be held the day after the holiday.

The following departments are members of the AER inspection team:

Each member of the team will create a report listing the deficiencies that he or she identified. The inspection team member should send a copy of this report within 14 days of the inspection to the persons responsible for correcting the identified deficiencies. Responsible persons should take all reasonable measures to correct the deficiency, initial and date the report indicating that the deficiency was completed, and them return a copy of the report back to the department initiating the request for documentation and retention.

Hazard Assessment Rounds shall include safety surveys for all School of Medicine operated areas. These Rounds shall be conducted as part of Environmental Rounds. Hazard Assessment Rounds shall be conducted once per year in administrative areas.

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