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School of Medicine Central Loading Dock

newThe SoM Loading Dock Has A New Address!!!


Lower left corner (click here for large image)

THE SOM LOADING DOCK IS OPEN! Hours of Operation 7am - 4pm

Loading Dock Guidelines

1291 Welch Road, Stanford CA 94305 .... Entrance on Welch Rd near Campus Dr

jbarelaJim Barela

Loading Dock Services Manager >>>> Room G001 (at the Dock)

Phone Number 650.721.2726 .... FAX 650.723.1624

Email email [jbarela]

Tim Peoples - Facilities Services Assistant >>>> Room G003 (at the Dock)

Email email [tpeoples]

The Dock will be staffed Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 4:00pm. Trucks will be allowed to enter until 4pm, after which access will be prohibited. Gates will be locked upon departure of the final vehicle, but in no case later than 6pm. There is No Overnight Parking of vehicles or ancillary equipment.


Alway Building 07-307
Clark Center 07-340
CCSR 07-590
Beckman Building 07-530
Boswell Building 07-305
Edwards Building 07-309
Fairchild Science Center 07-520
Grant Building 07-306
Li Ka Shing Center (LKSC) 07-515
Lane Building 07-308 Lane Medical Library 07-308A
Lorry I. Loey Stem Cell Research Building 07-535
Research Animal Facility (RAF 1) 07-330
Research Animal Facility (RAF 2) 07-335

The addresses for these buildings have been changed in iProcurement to reflect the new required delivery address of 1291 Welch Road. Please continue to use the same location code when creating your requisitions in iProcurement.

U.S. mail and ID mail should be mailed exactly as they were before the Loading Dock opened. Your U.S. Postal address and ID Mail Code do not change.

Surface Parking Lots

There is one primary surface parking lot which serves significant functions relative to material distribution. This is the Quarry Road Extension lot which is located immediately east of the Grant and Alway buildings. The lot has allocated contractor parking spaces and is available for use on a first-come, first-served basis for contractors with campus service parking permits. Vendors and contractors serving Grant and Boswell may use this parking facility for minor staging and disbursement. There is a second lot near the MSOB building. This area currently has some staging and loading zone allocated space for the buildings not currently on the tunnel network (MSLS, Lucas Center, PSRL, Redwood and MSOB). The Quarry Road Extension lot should be assumed to be the adjunct layover area for vehicles which cannot park or dwell within the Central Loading Dock area.

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